Waverly Morning News Anchor Sweeney Prods, NY
One Life to Live Student Disney Worldwide
Mercy Cafeteria Lady Open4Business Prod.
Gossip Girl Hamilton House WB, Dir: Joe Lazarov
Gossip Girl Accomplice WB, Dir: Joe Lazarov
Berry Ball (infomercial) Spokesperson BerryPerry Prods.,NY

Keystone Inn, PA (Principal)
Berry Ball by Berry Perry, National (Principal)

“Go to Girl” Go to Girl The Energy
Little House on the Prairie Laura Lincoln St. Players
Othello Desdemona Community Theatre
The Nativity Song Mary St. James Theatre
Dream On Dance Soloist Clemens Center, NY
Acting: Scene Study Allen Savage, NYC
Improv UCB, NYC
Commercial Barry Shapiro
Primetime TV Marci Phillips
Audition Tech. Kevin Kuffa
Kim Miscia
Geoff Soffer
Monologue Prep. TVI Studio, NYC
Dance: Jazz, Hip Hop Tim Richard, Riz-Biz Productions
Tap Modern Pat Haggerty School of Dance

Distance Running, Conversational Italian, Clarinet (Concert and Marching band), BBA in Accountancy, Soccer, Creative Writing.